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Shiny new Vaio I have a new laptop!

I was sitting here, contemplating making a really long winded opening sentence, but I figured eh. New gadget getting is exciting and should never be less than exciting.

I ordered it, what feels like, a very long time ago. Must have been just about a month. (Im)Patiently waiting for delivery since and I finally got my grubby mitts on it last night. When I say grubby, I do mean it. It’s got a matte finish and that just about shows up anything that’s ever touched it. Oh well!

What is it? It’s a Sony Vaio F-Series. 16" screen, 1920×1080 resolution, full HD display, a lovely 6GB of RAM, stunning i5 Intel processor, yummy NVIDIA GeForce graphics card and a free blu-ray player/writer drive! I’ll be able to play PoP without my laptop having a mini meltdown. Oh and it’s running Windows 7, which is completely new for me, so full expecting myself to have a few ‘moments’ with it.

I’ve only ever had Dell laptops, and before I ventured into laptops I used to build my own PCs. I miss that to an extent. I loved being able to connfigure something exactly to how I wanted it and just be able to add to it. But the portability of my laptop just can’t be beaten. Sitting in front of the TV with laptop – can’t do that with a desktop tower PC!

So yes, I have a new laptop. Haven’t had much of a chance to play around with it. Last night was all about getting the fatty Vaio software off. The next few nights will be spent getting all my stuff off my old laptop and installing all the software I need on my new toy. ‘Citing!

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