Ghost Stories

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Going Out

Another weekend and another theatre trip! Though I think it’s probably my last of the year.

Last Saturday night I went out to the theatre was expecting to be fully terrified, and was looking forward to that. Why? I was off to see Ghost Stories at the Duke of York’s Theatre in London, written and directed by The League of Gentlemen’s Jeremy Dyson, and Andy Nyman, the co-creator and director of Derren Brown’s television and stage show, and he was in Dead Set.

The only thing I knew of the play was that I would get very, very scared. I don’t mind that. As you can see from my 100 movies this year, I like a decent horror film. I don’t scare easy, so I was looking forward to something that would keep me awake at night.

Watching the videos of people who’d seen it previously and other audience members I was pretty confidant I’d get some kind of a fright. I can’t be that immune to gettign scared! I wasn’t totally wrong.

The makers of Ghost Stories do ask you to keep the secrets safe, and I will be doing just that. What can I say then? It’s a thoroughly enjoyable play. It’s got some decent shocks and scares in it. The production is brilliant, down to the very last detail. While I wasn’t completely terrified, it was the most tense I’ve ever been in a theatre.

Ever since I saw Ghost Stories there’s been a light flickering constantly in my bedroom. Nice.

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