Black Swan has the most beautiful posters

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Aren’t these posters for Black Swan the most beautiful and unique movie posters you’ve seen?

Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan Black Swan

Using only three colours really makes these posters stand out to me. Could be that two of those three colours are my favourite (red & black) and that colour combination is my favourite to use. In my defence, I’ve shown these posters to a few other people and they’re in the same mind frame as me about them! It’s definitely not just me.

Love the image within an image feature of all the posters. Though whenever I look at the third one I do see a cylon raider and then the black swan. Clearly I still have Battlestar on the brain, years after it finished.

As these are teaser poster I’m wondering what the actual movie posters are going to be. Can’t they just use these posters?

I wish more movie posters were like this. Well, maybe not just like this. Then these wouldn’t be so special. But just have a bit more thought put into them and not just your typical movie poster.

I’ll be seeing the movie next Sunday! Very excited.

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  1. The symmetry in the third design appeals to me in ways I can’t quite describe. Except to say that my eyes love it 🙂

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