120+ Movies: From the small screen

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120+ Movies of 2011

Going to try to make some headway with the mountain of films I’ve got recorded on my Skybox. Here are the first couple down:

The WolfmanThe Wolfman (15/01/11)

Upon his return to his ancestral homeland, an American man is bitten, and subsequently cursed by, a werewolf.

I can’t remember this film being very well received and I’m wondering why that could be. I thought it was a good werewolf story, with the traditional mythology. A nice classic re-telling. There was some shonky CG animals though and I’m not entirely convinced of the make-up used on the werewolf. But I liked the story and the characters. The mood in the film was wonderfully gloomy, which reminded me a little of An American Werewolf in London. There was some gore and bright red blood which made me think of Sleepy Hollow.

The werewolf transformation scene was really well done and had some moments where I cringed a little, but An American Werewolf in London still wins hands down on best werewolf transformation scene. Don’t think anything will beat that.

Really enjoyed watching The Wolfman. Tragic. But then, don’t think it could go any other way.
Rating: 3/5

Believe: The Eddie Izzard StoryBelieve: The Eddie Izzard Story (16/01/11)

Chronicles comedian Eddie Izzard’s rise to fame from early influences – losing his mother to cancer at a young age before being sent with his brother to boarding school – to his close relationship today with his father.

I think I’ve always liked Eddie Izzard as a comedian. I don’t think I call myself a fan. However, I’m more of a fan of Eddie’s than I was a couple of years ago after I saw him live at Wembley a couple of years ago, live at Laughs in the Park last year and after seeing him run all those marathons on the TV last year. Thought this was a great documentary looking at his life, where he came from and how he got to where he was. Inspired by his tenacity to be who he wanted to be. Being a comedian really didn’t come easily to him, but he fought really hard, worked hard and he did it. That’s what I love about Eddie – he comes across as a really hard-working person. Sets himself goals and does what he can to achieve them.

I didn’t realise he was accused of being a fraud a few years back! There were definitely some eye-opening moments in the film. Think it was a very honest look at his life and really well done. It wasn’t too sappy, but had enough emotion in it for not to be a clinical and boring documentary looking at his life.
Rating: 4/5

Read on to see the entire list of movies seen this year so far:

6 Movies so far this Year

  1. The Horse Whisperer 3/5 (1/1/1)
  2. The Informant! 3/5 (09/01/11)
  3. The Fighter 4/5 (11/01/11)
  4. 127 Hours 5/5 (14/01/11)
  5. The Wolfman 3/5 (15/01/11)
  6. Believe: The Eddie Izzard Story 4/5 (16/01/11)

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