They’re all dead and gone. Tomatoes that is

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Another year and another dead tomato crop. Just the tomatoes. The onions, strawberry plants and asparagus are completely unscathed. I’m no gardening expert, but I feel inclined not to grow any tomatoes next year!

I don’t know what happened. They were growing fine, like last year. I went on holiday for a couple of weeks. During which time they were looked after. However, while I was away I know it rained a hell of a lot in England.

I got back and the plants themselves were fully grown and big. A few had fruit. None that had ripened. But they all had black staining on them and didn’t look the least bit healthy.

My mum said it could be too much water, due to the rain. Or there could be a tomato plant disease just out in the air. Whatever it is, I do not like it.

Last year I ended with, ‘Better Luck Next Year’. Nope, I did not have better luck this year! Maybe next?

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