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My big effort to try to use my camera more isn’t quite so big. It’s been a bit of a whimper really. Though some nice weather encouraged me a little bit. That and digging out something old.

One of Digital Photography School’s latest posts, What is your most under used piece of photographic gear, reminded me of my Raynox macro conversion lens I bought a few years back.

The neglected

I bought it when I had my old Panasonic DMC-FZ18. I’d just got onto the flickr bandwagon, I know – very late. All the gorgeous macro photos on flickr made me want to try true macro photos. But with my little point and shoot camera, this was my next best option to get a nice macro photo. I had fun with it for a while. Then I forgot about it.

Until now. I thought I’d try it out again. I got frustrated with it from the beginning. So I started messing around with it – detaching it from the camera and just holding it and seeing what happened. And this is what happened…

Blurring at the seams A little bit closer Trick of the light

I know they’re not the best photos, but I liked the effect. Something I can definitely work on. Instead of snapping randomly and hoping for a half decent shot, I’ll actually aim for something.

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