Spam, you do amuse me!

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The amount of spam comments I’m getting on this blog has been gradually on the rise in the last month. Akismet’s doing a great job of keeping it all in check. I have come across some actually quite amusing ones of late. Aside from some bad spelling, here they are:

  1. On The Bane of My Life:

    Shiver me timbres, them’s some great information.

  2. On The Bane of My Life:

    This info is the cat’s pajaams!

  3. On My own personal Danbo:

    Full of salient points. Don’t stop belveiing or writing!

  4. On My own personal Danbo:

    What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yourlsef?

  5. On The ugly duckling:

    If you wrote an artlice about life we’d all reach enlightenment.

Had I not had Akismet installed I probably wouldn’t be writing this, but something a bit more heated. But thankfully I do, so all that’s left for me to do is laugh at the spam I do get.


  1. I’ve been getting a lot of spam on my sites too, but not nearly as entertaining as these! The last one is GENIUS. Who knew a photo of a duck could have such life changing consequences?

  2. (Ok, first off, I’m sorry I havent gotten around to checking out your blog til now, its not courteous as a blogger. 🙁 But I think you wound up coming by right around the time of the “Big Lebowski” fest and things have been a bit hectic since then!)

    That is so funny you mention this. Honestly? I think some of mine are SO funny that I want to approve them and post them. And then joke around and reply to them seriously!

    What I worry about though is that they’ll be free to post after that. I have comment moderation set to “approve once”

    I really do want to approve some of the “Sex Dating” ones though. Just so I can say, Fogs’ movie reviews! Brought to you by “Sex Dating!” LOL

    I have to head off to work, I’ll circle back through your movie posts later!!

    Nice look, btw. Very nice.

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