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Thanks to those who gave me some new music to try out when I pleaded for some help. I’ve been giving some of those offerings test drives while I drive home. Turns out it’s a great time for me to try new things. Why? Sometimes I’m slightly impatient on the way home, so if I really don’t like the sound of something it’ll get skipped more or less straight away.

Out of all of the bands/singers that were recommended to me Bat for Lashes and Ladytron came out way on top. I gave Two Suns by Bat for Lashes a try to Ladytron’s Best of 00-10 and Gravity the Seducer. I could quite happily listen to those albums for ever. Beautiful stuff. Ladytron reminded me a little of Ladyhawke (not just in name), so got me back to listening to her. Having reminders of music you already know and like, but for some reason you forgot existed, are welcome reminders.

Really enjoyed Maximo Park and Death Cab for Cutie, but found I needed to be in the right mood for both of them. On Quicken the Heart by Maximo, favourite tracks were Calm and Roller Disco Dreams. Think I need to give the album another good play.

I saw Death Cab live earlier this year – they were supporting the Foo Fighters at the Milton Keynes Bowl in July, so I had a little taster of them. Gave Codes and Keys a go. I honestly can’t remember a single song off of the album apart from You Are a Tourist. But like all the above mentioned albums, I know I didn’t skip a single song off the album. So that’s a good sign!

Sadly Paramore just didn’t stick to me. I gave Brand New Eyes and Riot! a shot. In my head, the songs sounded a little samey. It’s usually the kind of stuff I like, so I found it a little weird that I just couldn’t get into the albums. I did try!

I still have The Civil Wars and Amanda Palmer to try. Also, someone still needs to give me some recommendations for some Nine Inch Nails albums please!

Oh and if you want to throw more music recommendations at me, please do. As you can see and read, I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. Throw away!


  1. Bat For Lashes sounds vaguely familiar in the sense that, I’m sure i’ve heard someone else speaking about them, but I’ve never actually heard their music for myself. May have to open my ears to them if they get the Jaina seal of approval 🙂

    Sorry to hear Paramore didn’t work out. But you tried, and that’s awesome 😉

    • You’ve probably heard Daniel by Bat for Lashes. You’ll know it when you hear it!

      I did try some Paramore and I’m honestly surprised I didn’t like it as much as I thought I would!

  2. Oh it’s really hard to recommend Nine Inch Nails. I’ve been thinking it over since you blogged. I mean, I can’t not recommend their classics (Downward Spiral, The Fragile, Pretty Hate Machine) but then at the same time, I love the newer stuff (With Teeth, Year Zero).

    Go with With Teeth first I think. Just because I’m being random.

    We saw CocknBullKid on Monday who was BRILLIANT. I’ve had her going round my head all day. Try her too – she only has one album and it’s on Spotify 😀

    I’m still working on your Patrick best of BTW 😉

    • I will take your random and embrace it. Also, with CocknBullKid – I swear they were mentioned on XFM one morning and I was just “huh?”


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