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The Good Eggs

Your second weekly dose of good eggs from me and it’s another long time blogging friend of mine. I can’t help myself. Since I started blogging I’ve been reminiscing a lot about the ‘old days’ when I started blogging and the people I was sharing with.

Humaira’s Blog

Humaira's Blog

This week goes to another personal blogger and friend – Humaira. She’s been blogging for just over 2 years but I’ve known her for a good while longer. First met came across her when she emailed me to ask to be affiliates with my old site, Dusk ’til Dawn. She ran her own Buffy fansite back then too. Even though those days are gone, it’s great to see her still having a place on the Interwebs.

Her blog, like mine, is a personal blog. She posts about all sorts of things but what I really love are her beauty tips. Ok, I’ll admit, I’m not the kind of person who wears make-up on a regular basis. But she’s got some practical tips that even a dolt like me could follow.

She asks questions on her blog from readers that make me question myself and think about things a little bit more. She’s an intelligent and all her entries show that and more.

Humaira hit 100 blog posts this year and here’s hoping for a lot more than just another 100 more.

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  1. The blogging world just wouldn’t be the same without Humaira. She’s always come across as so genuinely lovely, and even in the years I was absent from the scene, I’d always remembered her with warmth. She definitely is a good egg!

  2. OMG Jaina, you’ve done what no-one manages to make me do and that’s cry! Thank you for featuring me in your good eggs and for remembering that Buffy fan site! That was a blast from the past!

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