A mildly concerning good egg

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The Good Eggs

The third week’s recommendation is yet another friend of mine who blogs. Well, it’d be rude for me to not pimp my friends, no?

Mild Concern

Mild Concern

Say hello to Mild Concern. A snotty, snooty, sarcastic and completely pretentious look at films, TV and all sorts of moving image related things.

Yes it’s another film blog, but unlike a lot of the big film sites and blogs out there, you’ll find completely unbiased reviews and ramblings on Mild Concern. Well, as long as Karen Gillan and Zooey Deschanel aren’t the subject.

It’s not just trailers and reviews though. Mild Concern took a look at film magazines for women, expressed their love for Footloose, foolishly defending Bill Nighy and was the one responsible for the Yoda vs. Yoda video clip.

If you like film, they’ll be at least one thing there for you.

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