Favourite shots of 2011

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Right, so I failed with my 365 project this year. But I still managed to take a good handful of photos. Not sure they were a good handful of good photos, but I figured I’d pick out my favourites of the year.

It’s no surprise that a fair few feature Cody and another good lot are black and white.

Danbo, Cody. Cody, Danbo. Towards the light Skating Suffra Jet The basics [23/30] What it looks like to feel at home An early start [1/30] Paper stars The best bits Not for long All that I have in my hands Flying out What remains Begging for treats The Final Sunrise [Day 3/365] Happy New Year! [Day 1/365]

Here’s hoping that next year I get through my proposed photo challenge for the year and maybe do a little less of my favourite fallback – black and white.


    • It’s a little Danbo – they’re this Japanese Amazon robot creation. Only in Japan! There are loads of sellers on ebay that sell him. He’s adorable!

      Thanks Adam!

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