100 movies: World’s Greatest Dad

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100 movies of 2012, Annual Movie Challenge

World's Greatest DadWorld’s Greatest Dad (14/01/12)

A comedy about a man who learns that the things you want most may not be the things that make you happy, and that being lonely is not necessarily the same as being alone.

IMDB – you lie. This isn’t a straight-up comedy, black comedy yes, but comedy. No. Things get pretty dark. Also, I don’t think I actually laughed at any point during the film. That’s not uncommon. But there were, maybe, a couple of points where I had a smile on my face.

There was one point in the film that really moved me, thanks to Robin Williams’ doing some pretty good drama-acting. But overall, I didn’t get on with this film. I was bored/annoyed throughout various points. The ending was satisfying. Even with the film being a shade over 90 minutes, it still felt like it took a little too long to get there for me. That’s just my mind being a bit weird.

It’s not a bad film, but it’s not all that memorable for me.
Rating: 2/5

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3 Films so far this year

  1. The Tourist 1/5 (02/01/12)
  2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 5/5 (03/01/12)
  3. World’s Greatest Dad 2/5 (14/01/12)


    • It’s one of those little indie flicks. While Robin Williams is great, I think black comedy is very hit and miss with me personally.

  1. I guess somehow this movie passed me up in 2009. I don’t even remember previews or any kind of marketing for the movie, for that matter.

    I really like Robin Williams . . . in SOME movies. He’s made some crappy ones over the years, but his role in movies like “Good Will Hunting” is some of the best acting I’ve seen in a movie. I think I’ll take a cue from you and not plan to ever watch this one if you’re rating it only 2/5.

    • I remember some posters very vaguely and a few trailers, but not much. Frankly, the poster’s well off the mark. Looks like some kind of kids feel good film poster!

      He was amazing in Good Will Hunting and he’s done a few other films in the past couple of years I want to check out. He was definitely the best thing about this film.

      I’m pretty harsh with my scoring. 2/5 means I did enjoy parts of it, just not all of it. 3/5 is a good film, 4/5 amazing and 5/5 is reserved scoring 🙂

  2. It is very, very, very dark I have to admit. I think it takes some getting used to…I know it took me a while but once you get to grips with its sense of humour I think it works quite well. I like Williams in this role and I love the ending – perhaps it is the song! 😉

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