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As if doing a 365 project wasn’t enough for me I’m joining in with Mui Tsun’s Weekly Photo Challenge. I failed on the first week, so was determined to try harder on the second week.

Last week’s challenge theme was HOPE. So here’s my interpretation of the word:


Looking around I was finding very little to be hopeful for, sadly. Except these trees in my garden. They’re beginning to bud. Which means winter’s on its way out and spring is nearly here.


  1. You take awesome pictures Jaina…

    You have a way of taking a picture of some totally mundane piece of junk and making it look profound.

    Case in point.


  2. Nice! Looks like you are having a mild winter as well 😀 We’ve been really lucky with only a few days of “true Minnesota winter” (i.e. -20 degrees Celsius and many feet of snow) so far this year.

    • It was mild until the last couple of days. Won’t get above 2 degrees Celsius here today and I don’t think it got above0 on my way to work! BRRR!

  3. It’s 50 degrees here in Chicago, and it’s still January! Spring is definitely knocking, even if it’s a little early. (And I welcome it!)

    Nice photo, Jaina. I think you captured the idea of hope well.

  4. Lovely image Jaina. I think the colours are what draw me in – that wonderful yet somewhat cold grey/blue. I like the fact you’ve focused on the branches closest to the lens. It is great how a different focus – say of the farthest branch – could connote a wholly different meaning.

    • Cheers Dan!

      Looking back, it feels like an odd choice of image for the word “hope” being so dark and a tad moody.

  5. Now this is the type of images I look for when writing poetry. The sensual melancholy in this picture–beautiful capture.

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