Boy BFFs for Girls? Apparently not

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After what I said, I have decided to take a short break from the Song of Ice and Fire series to read something a little lighter. I figured I’d be able to fit in a quick read of something different before getting back to Westeros. I think I might actually need the break.

MWF Seeking BFFSo I started reading MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche. As someone who doesn’t have anyone I could just pop over to (Any of my, BFFs would require a significant use of the use of car and/or train.) for a cup of tea or coffee and some trash TV. I figured, let’s see how this girl’s seeking out her local BFF in a new city.

It’s not a bad book. I’m nearly half way through and for the most part I’ve enjoyed it. It’s not the best written, but I didn’t expect it to be. There is one little thing that has been irking me as I read about her year-long search.

The author, Rachel Bertsche, seems intent on finding a female BFF. Another girl she can gab/bitch to about her husband, work gripes and etc. According to her, men aren’t capable of just listening to some, sometimes, inane ramblings. They can’t just sit and listen and not want to interject with something. Apparently, only women are capable of this.

I’m finding that a little hard to swallow. I’ve got (and had in the past) a couple of male shaped friends who can just sit and listen to me babble on. She cites various research papers saying only women are capable of this. Such an over generalisation! I’m not saying all men are the type who could listen, but there are some out there! Just finding the view to be more than a little bit sexist. No matter how many research papers she’s read on it.

Surely she should have widened her field to include men in her search? Well, I’m only half way through, so I could be jumping the gun hugely by writing all of this.


  1. I’m with you – I believe there are definitely guys out there who are great listeners and great friends. Personally, I can admit that there’s been some awkwardness getting too close to some guys I just see as friends. Sometimes it’s hard for people to distinguish between BFFs and dating, and that line is often crossed when one of the friends desire more than friendship. Sounds like an interesting book.

    • It is an interesting book. It’d be better if she did have the phrase “research shows…” or “in a book by…” on every other page. It’s driving me bonkers now!

  2. Some men definitely have the capacity to engage in ‘girl talk’. Okay, so maybe they’re of a minority ratio, but I’d still beg to differ with the author. Back in college, I had a very close male friend whom I could talk to about pretty much anything. He was just as capable a friend as any of my female friends at the time, but with the rather cool added bonus of being able to give me a male’s perspective on things.

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