Here at the end of the rainbow

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2012 Photography Project

Another month of 2012 done and another month’s photography challenge done too! I’ll admit. I’m still not ‘feeling’ the whole amazing Project 365 vibe I felt when I did my first 365 project in 2010.

Before I wax nostalgic about the month, here are the last week’s photos. The colour being blue:

All in the jeans

Collection of blu

My blue shoes

Mini hopper

The perfect blue

The centre of the universe

I just can't leave it alone

Blue gold

Here’s the entire month’s rainbow. Red and green were easy. So very easy. I really struggled with yellow and green. I possibly didn’t choose the best time of year to do a colourful challenge. I should have waited until spring or summer. Heck, even autumn’s more colourful than winter!

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