T-shirt weather is finally here!

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Forget spring, it felt almost summer like on the weekend! Maybe I’m exaggerating, but whenever the temperature goes a smidge over 20 degrees C brings a smile to my face. My aim was to spend as much of the time enjoying the sun. That meant spending the afternoon sitting in the garden reading Dance with Dragons and eating a calipo.

Saturday morning was a little bit more productive…

The Daffs are out

A little different
The daffodils are finally out in my garden. Everywhere around me I could see them lighting up driveways and front gardens. Other peoples. Not mine. Finally, they’ve shown their faces in mine! Hurrah!

A little blue

From the depths
Not forgetting the bluebells – they’re in full bloom and look beautiful.

Making way

Blowing in the wind
Lots of things are looking a little dry and dead, but they’re just making way for the new things that are popping up.

Lined up

The simple things

The greens and whites

Here’s hoping for more weekends like this. I think I need warm weather and the sun to get me feeling even a little bit more creative.


    • I live for Calipos in the summer! They’re my hot weather ice lolly of choice. Hmm, fancy one now!

  1. What an awesome set of photos!! Wow, you really should do this for a living, Jaina. I am looking forward to t-shirt weather, too! It arrives arrive here in Minnesota, hurray!

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