I should have moved to the cloud

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Seriously people, back the heck up out of your computer. You don’t know when things are going to go tits up.

One day you’re casually backing up your laptop on the off-chance that the hard drive might get a bit screwy when the thing goes in for repair because the AC adaptor socket’s cracked. The next day your laptop is screwed.

Well, screwed might be a bit over dramatic. There’s a hardware fault in it. Processor, motherboard. Thankfully not the hard drive. Which my very helpful and patient brother helped to fish out of the laptop, but it in a different casing and I’m currently grabbing everything I can off of it and putting it onto my old laptop. Which I’m also grateful for still keeping!

It is so bloody easy to keep things backed up these days what with Dropbox, Google Drive, Sky Drive and oodles more places. I know why I didn’t. I was just lazy. Also, in the back of my mind I was just thinking, ‘Nothing’s going to happen. It’ll be fine. Until I need a new laptop.’. I need to stop thinking like that.

This laptop fuck up has messed with my work a little bit. I was on a roll and working on a couple of different website designs. Now? Well, it’s going to have to go on hold until I get this laptop in shape. Feck. It’ll take at least a week to get the AC adaptor crack sorted and then don’t know how long they’ll need to investigate the other hardware issues.

So things on my blog are, more than likely, to be a bit more quiet. Well, least until I can sort things out.

I’m thinking I should really get a 1TB networked hard drive and just have everything on there. Be so much smarter! And today was meant to be a happy day – I finally got a decent broadband connection with my fancy fibre optic!


  1. Mine’s been yelling “HARD DRIVE FAILURE IMMINENT!!!!” at me for a few weeks now. I’ve backed everything up so if it fails I’m prepared, but based on the research I’ve done I don’t think there really is a problem. I think it’s a false positive, I just need some time to sit down and make it stop telling me about the imaginary fault!

    But I’ve backed up just in case.

  2. So many horror stories and yet we all neglect to backup our valuable data! Sorry to hear it happened to you Jaina, hopefully you will be back on your virtual feet real fast.

    (Immediately goes and back up AM)

  3. Good luck getting everying back up and running. Good advice

    I Learned my lesson after having to re-rip the 47 days of music, I have stored after hard drive failure ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I do not want to re-rip all my music… I’ve opted for google music and uploading all of mine right now!

  4. I find it’s best to back up everything to a variety of different media. I’ll be backing stuff upto the cloud once I get my mits on BT Infinity.

  5. Ouch!! What a bummer Jaina! I hope you get things sorted out soon, girl. Great recommendations though, I should do that too!

  6. Ughhhhh! Sorry to hear it, Jaina. I had that happen to me a couple years ago and immediately bought an external hard drive afterward. Speaking of which, I am about due for another backup… thanks for the reminder.

    • Ha, no probs! I’ve got an external HD but it’s a measly 350GB. So going to upgrade to a NAS box, have it networked so I won’t have any excuses!

  7. ah matey, that sucks.

    I use time machine to back up my macbook everyday and a time machine backs up my imac hourly.

    It is a pain at times to keep doing it, but it pays for itself at times like this… hope it gets sorted.

    • Cheers Scott – backing up every day is what I should be doing too, so maybe need to make some time for it.

  8. The only thing I care about having backed up are my pictures and I’ve got those stored on a NAS (with two harddrives in it). In case that is lost through any reason I’ve also stored them at my parents house on a loose harddisk.

    Also make sure to make a backup of your phone as well. A lot of people forget about that and lose all their contacts and pictures (although with the iPhone the problem might not be as bad, still you have to save that backup somewhere else too in case of a harddrive crash of the PC).

    Good that you had someone that was able to help you with your harddrive and getting stuff of it. Hope you’ll be able to get your laptop back in working order!

    • Hopefully, I’m dying with my old laptop! It just doesn’t cut it ๐Ÿ™

      Thankfully with my phone, everything’s stored online at Google. All the contacts are up there, and that’s all I care about really. Google is becoming my second home.

      I don’t know what I’d do if I lost my photos. That’s one of the main things I want a NAS box for now.

  9. Oh, that sucks! My computer has been acting a bit funny and I do have a copy of drive but not all of my stuff is there so I keep few back ups just in case. I hate technology, though I fixed my own computer couple of times but it’s such a waste of time.

  10. There’s also the thought of keeping your important files not on your operating system partition. That way you have to reformat you still have your files. I know it’s easy to say, but hard to put into practice. I still have trouble myself sometimes.

    • I did that with my old laptop, the one I’m currently stuck with using. But didn’t do that with my new one. Like you said, simple to say, but hard to put into practice sometimes.

  11. Totally understand! My hard drive hasn’t crashed, but what if it did? I need a backup system too. Hard drive + cloud! Plus a storage off site, if I want to get crazy. I got lots of photos.

    • It’s all about the photos – it’s great with everything being digital and no more negatives/hard copies, but at least with those you wouldn’t have to worry about losing them in your laptop died!

  12. Oh no! Not a good thing to happen to anyone but when your work is web-designer, it’s really bad news. I hope you get it all sorted soon.

  13. Yikes, that’s some awful luck ๐Ÿ™ I sincerely hope all gets fixed without any additional stress and you’re back up and running pronto! Nothing scarier than the thought of losing precious data.

    โ€˜Nothingโ€™s going to happen. Itโ€™ll be fine. Until I need a new laptop.โ€™

    THIS. I swear, I extol the virtues of having a regular backing up plan to all I know, and yet I often find myself not always practising what I preach. Not having a virus on my pc for years has resulted in complacency.

    • Completely and utterly. Complacency is what got me into this situation. I won’t let it happen again.

      The fact that I’ve written this means it’s now legally binding.

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