Being a film trailer fiend

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Going to the cinema still has some childlike thrill for me. Something about the big screen and the big dark room. It still holds a sense of magic for me. (Even when your feet stick to the floor.)

So, the other day I was sitting down, waiting for The Amazing Spider-Man to start and upcoming film trailers began to roll. I sat there and waited for the reactions of my friend and brother for those trailers. See, I’d already seen them all. A few times.

The good ol’ days

I remember when going to the cinema would be the only time you’d be able to see a film trailer. Before YouTube and all that jazz. Before film trailers were made widely available on the Internet. It was always exciting to wonder and guess which trailers you’d get to see. It’d be the first time hearing about a brand new film. (This has made me sound like an old woman, right?)

Now? Now, I’m a trailer fiend. I watch new trailers almost as soon as they’re announced. I can’t help myself.

Yes, I love me some film trailers

Part of the cinema magic was getting to see these film trailers. Seeing the trailers is as much a part of the cinema going experience as the actual feature film for me. I was wondering if I’ve lost some of my film magic.

You know what? I don’t think I have. I still get a kick out of seeing the trailers on the big screen. More so, I love seeing and hearing other people’s reactions to the trailers that they’re seeing for the first time. I was pretty amused by the look of disgust a friend of mine was wearing on his face when he saw the trailer for Magic Mike for the first time. Don’t get me wrong, he’s no prude. He’d rather see the female equivalent.

Am I alone on this?


  1. Growing up I used to love watching trailers, they offered just a glimpse at a new film which you could then use your imagination to shape into whatever you wanted it to be, and inevitably when you finally saw the film you were mostly disappointed. Well I always was.

    I really try to avoid trailers now I am old and jaded, I prefer to see a film unburdened of any knowledge of what is coming up, just let the film take me in what ever direction it sees fit. I still love going to the cinema (understatement) and I do think trailers should be part of the experience but I just wish they were put together more creatively; they should be their own entity, an artistic statement, not just an advert.

    Just a thought but maybe the look of disgust on your friends face was aimed at himself for liking the Magic Mike trailer a little bit too much!

    • Ha! I wonder if it was… I’ll have to get that answer out of him šŸ˜‰

      Trailers do need to put together with a bit more skill, you’re totally right there. They’re obvious and sometimes, just plain stupid! The trailer for Beasts of the Southern Wild was the last trailer that really enchanted me.

  2. It’s still often the highlight of a cinema visit for me! Love the trailers. Except when they are annoying spoilerific ones. Or if they are all for rom-coms or something. Then I’m always sitting there thinking, ‘what movie have I come to see?’

    • I always wonder about the choice of trailer and what I’m watching. So many times it just doesn’t feel right! Also, so many times I never get to see the trailers I want to see.

  3. I believe that the best part of the whole movie experience is the trailers. I love watching the trailers too. I kinda get a little upset/disappointed when I miss the trailers (which is rare).

  4. Despite seeing pretty every trailers out there for AM, I still enjoy getting to the movies early to see the trailers. I guess it’s part of the movie experience and it’s always better to see them on the big screen rather than the computer screen šŸ˜‰

  5. When I was young I used to enjoy seeing trailers at the cinema (like you say, before internet), but now I will refuse to watch them because they usually spoil most of the movie. So I steer clean of them even if that means looking at the floor in the cinema while they are on….

  6. Strangely I think I actually watch less trailers now I wirte about films than I did when I was younger… I almost try and blinker myself… well I am TRYING.. LOL

  7. I think the trailers I like best are the ones that come before indie/foreign films. There always tends to be one or two that I have never even heard of, and it’s cool to see something for the first time that way. But then again, it was freakin’ awesome to see the Prometheus trailer on the big screen, even though I had seen it online multiple times.

    • Have to agree with you there. I remember seeing a trailer for Headhunters for the first time in the cinema and it blew me away. Hadn’t seen or heard anything about it until that moment.

  8. I love trailers too! And the previews on DVD! We do all become critics while watching trailers. I love seeing others’ reactions too!

  9. I think I’m probably a bad person to ask this question to. LOL. Going to the movies as much as I do, I see the same trailers again and again and again. So I get pretty sick of them.


    Plus, they add like 15 minutes to a movies theatre stay… so….

    • I can imagine you do! Think it wasn’t until half an hour into sitting in the cinema did TDKR actually start. After ads. Trailer. Cinema ads. I can definitely empathise.

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