Portuguese Macros

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While I was in Portugal earlier this month I packed with me every single item of photography ‘equipment’ I have. I say ‘equipment’ mostly because it’s just a couple of lenses and a GorillaPod! Anywho, I took it all with me, including my old macro add-on lens. I haven’t taken it with me to Portugal for a while. Figured it was time it had a little bit of a holiday too.

Unfortunately, I forgot, that it gets incredibly windy over by my parents’ house! So I made the most of the days when there was just a light breeze and took some macro shots.

Macro Flower

Close up shot of some white agapanthus on the patio.

Macro Agapantha

Close up shot of some white agapanthus on the patio.

Macro Agapantha

Beautiful blue agapanthus – hopefully there should be more of these popping up on the patio.


Drops of nectar collecting on spider webs caught in an early morning.

String of nectar

String of the droplets.

Spider on daisy

A tiny little spider on the purple daisies in the garden. I loved how it stood out against the purple of the flower.


A closer shot of the tiny little spider sitting on the purple daisies.


  1. So beautiful. My favorite photo was the raindrops on the spider’s web. Very artsy. I’m a huge fan of the macro setting. I haven’t played around too much with that setting. I know..I should use it more often. I’m glad that you go to play around while on vacation!

    • Macro photography is hard. I’m still a newbie at it and trying to learn. Often get frustrated and want to throw my camera at what I’m trying to take a photo of!

  2. My favs are the water droplets on the web and that lil yellow spider on the purple flower (WOW!). Glad you lugged all that equipment on vacay! Sorry it was so windy though!

    • I should be used to the windy-ness by now. It’s always pretty windy in the afternoon/evening. The whole day’s ‘hot currents’ all hitting the hills. Something to do with science!

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