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I’ve hit that wall. The blogger’s block wall. I think I hit the wall just after I got back from my holiday. A long, long time ago. Apparently, I totally lost momentum in terms of blogging!

Instead of forcing the blogging thing I’ve decided to just wait it out. So things might stay quiet here for a little while longer. I’ll still be posting my 100 movies posts, but other than that, the other posts might be few and far between. Until I can figure out what to post! Honestly, I’ve just got no idea these days. Bizarre.

I’m open to suggestions. Very open!


  1. Totally sympathised. I love writing but sometimes my mind is just blank. I think you’re doing the right thing by just going with the flow and waiting it out. Something will come up. ps: My memory is non-existent these days so I keep a notebook and jot down ideas when they surface. Otherwise I’ll think “Oh that’s a good topic to write about” and then I forget.

    • Notebook is a good idea. Heck, I have my tablet with me all the time – I should make more use out of that!

  2. I’ve got a similair feeling after coming back from holiday. Just being disconnected from everything for two weeks made it feel less important. I’m still blogging, but my priorities have shifted slightly.

    On another note, the Nexus 7 finally came out yesterday over here and managed to pick one up. Know you already have one for a while. Any cool app advice for me?

    • It’s exactly that feeling. Especially as I’m working more after my 9 to 5 job, the thought of sitting in front of it for longer just doesn’t fill me with a lot of joy.

      Ooo great news about the Nexus 7! Maybe I should do a run down of my favourite apps I’ve got on it…

  3. Can I have your block? I wish I had it sometimes, I have so much stuff to do in real life but I keep posting and making graphics, I’m starting to suspect it may be a sickness:)

    You should use this time to do some fun things, maybe watch movies or read books I’m sure you will find inspiration in no time!

  4.! I hate when that happens. I feel like I’m going through something similar.

    There are a couple of things I do when I hit bloggers block.
    1. Share a DIY or recipe. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to write when you are trying to explain how to make something.
    2. Grab a camera and just go walking. I often time just go walking. I walk around the neighborhood. 9/10 times I find something interesting or strange. I just take a quick picture (usually an iPhone 4 photo) and write about it.
    3. LISTS! I love making lists. Like, top 10 overrated actors or top 5 places to visit (enter location here….it can be in your neighborhood, top apps you can’t live without, or when you were in Portugal).
    4. Product reviews. Even if you don’t feel like you are an expert….if you give your opinion, you’ll be shocked on how educated you will sound.
    5. Google if there is a festival near your town and go…write about it later.
    6. Pass the blog love around. How about writing a post on your favorite blogger.
    7. Are into Esty or Ebay? Maybe sharing your tips on selling/buying items on Ebay. Or your top Esty picks.
    8. A day in the life of Jaina. Pick a random day and just blog about it. Pictures are key in this post.
    9. Tutorial on how to use Photoshop…or Common mistakes with photo editing. (Doesn’t have to be photoshop…it could be common mistakes on gardening).
    10. Revisit an old post and write an update! I know you gave great advice on online dating…what about updating that? Or give an update on your volunteering at the doggie shelter!

    As you can see….I love lists! That’s my go to when I have bloggers block. HOnestly, it will come when it comes. Just don’t stress and relax. I swear, my best blog post ideas comes to me when I’m in the bathroom. LOL

    • Oh my word, thank you for this Jen! Great advice. I’m going to be coming back to this comment a few times!

  5. Take it easy Jaina, we all go through this!! I HAVE to post because I cover new releases and if I do not I get it in the neck from PR companies…. Otherwise I would be in the same boat as you

  6. I love the idea of taking a break. You don’t want to post, just to post. You want to BLOG meaningfully! Good luck with your break. You’ll be great! I’ll definitely be around 🙂

  7. I also experienced same thing couple of weeks ago after having a week day-off. Funny thing was, I stayed at home but I didn’t feel like blogging (the irony, when you’re busy you wish you have more time to blog. but when you have, you don’t feel like it). I hope the block goes away soon!

  8. I’m kind of feeling the same way lately. I planned on sitting down to do a bunch of writing this weekend, but it didn’t happen. I’m taking a mini-vacation next weekend, so hopefully that will help me clear my head and get back to it!

    • Having a break is a great idea. It gives you a bit of perspective on what you actually want to blog about, rather than blogging for the sake of it, you know?

  9. I’ve been feeling the same, and it is interesting to see the mutual feeling throughout our lovely blogosphere. What’s going on? haha

    I just keep getting way too busy and I wish I had more time. I need a holiday, but then am afraid I will need a holiday FROM the holiday. LOL.

    Hang in there. Whatever you need, we got you! 🙂

    • There must be something in the water if we’re all feeling like this!

      Holiday from holiday is a necessity. I wish life was one big holiday sometimes!

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