RIP Dexter. I wished I cared more

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Dexter season 8

It’s well over a week since the final episode of Dearly Devoted Dexter aired. Though, I did my catch up with the final two episodes of Dexter on Wednesday night last week. I don’t know why I remember the specifics of that. It wasn’t as if it was anything mind-blowing. Sadly.

Honestly. Remember when Dexter first started. “Oh my WORD! There’s a TV show where the hero is a serial killer!” It was controversial. It was dark. It was entertaining. And, damn, was it well written. Dexter was one of the most intriguing characters on TV.

And now? Here at the end of all things, what are my feelings about Dexter? Eh. At one point, there was anger and frustration. How could Dexter’s character be brought to such a point. But honestly, I just don’t care any more. How sad is that.

Let’s take a look at the final season, huh? I thought it had a strong start. There was a great bit of conflict between Deb and Dexter. The potential of what Vogel could have brought to the table was certainly making things intriguing. It all had so much potential. So where did it go wrong? Ohhh well…

Hannah McKay

There’s the return of Hannah McKay. Boring, pointless character. She did nothing but to turn Dexter into an equally boring and pointless character. Didn’t for one second believe their relationship. Dexter’s “fake” relationship with Rita was more annoying. Even if her character was a big annoyance. At least she brought out some sort of strong reaction.

Masuka's daughter

Another pointless character – the introduction of Masuka’s daughter. Who the hell cares? Well, I would have cared if it had developed into something worthwhile.

Jacob Elway

On the topic of characters, let’s tackle Elway. Second thoughts, lets not. I can’t think of what I actually want to say about him.

Oliver Saxon

The eventual villain of the piece – Oliver Saxon. Could the actor do nothing but look like a deer caught in headlights? You’re in your final season, Dexter, make sure you go out with one heck of a villain. Though, nothing will compare with the Ice Truck Killer or Trinity.


Harrison’s “accident” with the treadmill. Just one more thing on a long list of ridiculousness in the final season. What the FUCK was that? And while we’re on the topic of Harrison, is it me or is Dexter a terrible father? Just picking him up when he feels like it. Leaving him with Jamie 99% of the time.


The whole notion of Vogel being a surrogate mother for Dexter started out as a potentially interesting aspect of the season. I loved that there was conflict between Vogel and Daddy Dexter. But I wanted that conflict to not get sorted so quickly. I wanted that past conflict have more implications on what was currently going on.

Dexter's ending

Then there was the ending. Deb’s ending. And the actual ending. What. The. Fuck. Deb’s ending made me angry. She just gets dumped in the ocean? Just like one of Dexter’s kills? Ugh. Deborah was a fantastic, strong character. She deserved so much better than that.


Dexter the… lumberjack?

The actual ending? It should have ended with Dexter sailing off into the stormy seas. What was wrong with leaving it at that? Why do we explicitly need to know that he’s still out there? Ugh. So much disappointment.

Oh Dexter. Where did it all go wrong? You were about two and a half seasons too long. And your final season was one of the worst seasons of any TV show I have ever seen. Just shocking. Shocking and horribly depressing.


    • Hrm… Should I be worried about you, Rachael! LOL! Nah, I really enjoy Hannibal too. It’s the psychological aspect of it. And it’s hella dark!

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