10 for 30: Broadway Danny Rose

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Broadway Danny Rose

Many moons ago I decided to do a blog series for this year, watching and reviewing films that are also turning 30 years old today.

Here’s a few words on the second film in this blog series – Broadway Danny Rose.

Broadway Danny Rose is the story of Danny Rose, small time agent in New York who’d represent pretty much anyone. Danny Rose is played by Woody Allen, himself. The comedy ensues when Danny has to deliver Lou, one of his clients – a lounge singer, his mistress to one of his biggest shows.

Personally, I don’t get along that well with Woody Allen films. To be fair, I’ve seen very few. And mostly his newer films. Though, the last one I saw – Midnight in Paris, was fantastic. Usually, the overly neurotic characters irritate me or there’s just too much Woody Allen in the film.

Broadway Danny Rose

Woody Allen opposite Mia Farrow.

With Woody Allen actually playing the titular role of Danny Rose here, I had some issues. It was like SUPER Woody Allen. Every gesture. Every word that came out of his mouth was almost like fingernails on a blackboard for me. But that was Danny Rose. That was who he was.

Once I got past the irritation and the comedy kicked in, Broadway Danny Rose is a charming little film. It’s light and funny. At times it does feel like you’re watching caricatures of the characters you’re meant to be watching. But the absurdity of some of the situations went together well with that.

The titular Danny Rose

The titular Danny Rose looking as melancholy as he gets in the film.

If anything, Broadway Danny Rose has got me interested in seeing more of Allen’s early work. While I’m still not a Woody Allen fan, I feel like there are some Woody Allen films out there that I could enjoy.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of Woody Allen films, like near 30 I think. Even so, I just caught up with Broadway Danny Rose a few years ago. It wasn’t a favorite, but I liked it a lot more than I expected. You’re right that it’s “super Woody Allen” with the main character, so a lot depends on what you think of his persona. With a few exceptions, I usually like it. It hasn’t stuck with me that much, but I did remember enjoying it a lot.

    • Think I’m definitely on the other side of the Woody Allen persona. Owen Wilson’s character in Midnight in Paris was a little too Woody for me as well. Nice to see his earlier work though.

  2. I have already told you, watch Casablanca so that you can then watch “Play it again, Sam”.
    “Love and Death” was pretty good but after that there are lots of other films I would recommend before you did more Woody Allen.

  3. Woody Allen is really hit or miss with me. I think some of his “classic” work is a bit overrated (Annie Hall being tops on that list). But like you I ADORE “Midnight in Paris”. It is priceless and I can watch it anytime. Danny Rose is one of his that I haven’t seen.

    • He’s so far been more miss than hit with me. I wouldn’t rush to see Danny Rose. It’s a bit farcical and silly and fairly amusing, but I wouldn’t say you’re missing out not seeing it.

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