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In Your Eyes

You ever catch yourself wondering what life would be like if you were seeing it through someone else’s eyes? What if you were that person across the street? Yeah, I’ve daydreamed about that once or twice. Think of it as just a random curiosity. After all, our lives are shaped by our perspective on our day-to-day life.

Dylan and Rebecca in In Your Eyes experience just that. Seeing each others lives through each others eyes. Every sense and feeling, but not quite every thought. It’s an interesting concept; to literally be in someone else’s life.

In the beginning, I wasn’t expecting much from In Your Eyes. Something to do with the production or that fact that it was released on Vimeo. Bad, bad misconceptions.

I got involved in the characters and this small film drew me in. The funny thing was, I was expecting it all to fall apart at the end. I was expecting that heart breaking ending. Around every turn, I thought it was happening. Ahh, Joss, you keep us guessing!

The beauty of In Your Eyes is that it doesn’t feel the need to explain as to why this is happening between Dylan and Rebecca. It just is. And the fact that I could just accept this kind of strange situation is a credit to the writing.

I am insanely happy that in between big projects, Joss Whedon can still do these small little projects. I’m a much bigger fan of his writing than his directing – always have been. But the funny thing was, this didn’t feel like a Joss Whedon written project. The Joss-isms aren’t there. However, I like that. It’s moved on from what I’ve always enjoyed in his writing and developed into something I still really enjoy. We’re all getting old!

Do yourself a favour, and watch In Your Eyes on Vimeo right now.


  1. Huh, haven’t even heard of this one before, but it certainly sounds interesting. Think I just might check it out. 🙂

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