Chef: Feel Good Personified

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Sometimes you come across a film that is quite simple just what it is on the surface of it, and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, it’s all the better for it. Chef is one of those films.

Chef tells the story of Carl Casper. Struggling with his family life. Not doing all that well in the work place either. Then makes a fool of himself on social media. Decides to get into the food truck business and drive it across America.

So few films that I see these days simply make me happy and contented. Chef is one of them. It’s just a nice film, which feels like a terrible thing to say. Labelling anything as nice feels like a kick in the nuts. But I don’t mean anything bad by it.


Hey, can you come swing by over here with that food truck?

I enjoyed Jon Favreau’s Carl Caspar who’s one true passion is food. I envied Carl Caspar a little bit, wishing I had a passion I felt as strongly about as Carl did. I bought into Carl’s less than great relationship with the son, Percy, who thinks the world of his father. No matter how much wrong Carl can sometimes do.

Again, I’m going to use one of those words I usually hate to use, especially when it comes to film, but this honestly is a heart-warming film. And it’s so proud of being that. Which is GREAT.


Chef left me wondering where exactly I could get a traditional Cuban sandwich in Bahrain. Answer? Nowhere!

At no point during Chef does the story deviate from it’s A to B course. There are no surprises. There are no twists. And yet, I’m completely happy with this. The film ended and I had that warm fuzzy feeling inside and a smile on my face.

(PS. Did Twitter somehow sponsor Chef? Twitter all over the shop! No mention of any other networks.)


  1. I totally agree! I felt like I was giving Chef a back-handed compliment in my review when I said it had heart. My wife and I saw it on a rare night out, and it was the perfect choice for a relaxing night. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    • Glad I’m not alone on this! I felt terrible calling this film nice! Probably one of the few actually feel-good films in recent times.

  2. Another review of Chef making me want to see it that much more! I get what you mean about “nice” and “heartwarming.” But sometimes, that’s just what a film is. I hope to find it to be the same. Also, not having a twist at the end is sometimes the best thing. It’s such a rarity these days to have a movie without a twist. Definitely looking forward to seeing this!

  3. Thanks for the review, Jaina. I really wanted to see this one. I’m glad it turned out good. I really admire chefs (I will watch anything with Gordon Ramsay in it), and I will definitely be sure to check this out this film.

    • Definitely something about chefs that draws me in too. Fan of Bourdain – excited about the new season of Parts Unknown starting this weekend!

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