While you’re being creative, nothing is wrong

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Do yourself a favour and set just over half an hour aside to watch and listen to John Cleese lecturing on creativity.

This link popped up in my inbox and I casually popped it on the TV, thinking I’ll listen to him in the background while I work on my computer. Within a minute, I’d closed my laptop and devoted all my attention to this video.

I particularly liked what John Cleese said about being willing to put yourself through the anxiety and discomfort of having no solution for longer, in order to be creative.

This may sound crazy, but I love problem solving in my work. I like feeling challenged. Having to come up with those creative solutions. Often taking iteration after iteration to come to that perfect solution. Whether it’s design, code or something entirely different. Sometimes, it coming to you instantly. You just have to be receptive to those thoughts.

A great watch for those who are creatives, like myself, but also who don’t think they are. Everyone’s got that ability to be creative. John Cleese will tell you how to access it. With his trademark humour.


  1. Ooo, sounds super interesting. Definitely something that would interest me. I’ll give this a watch tomorrow! Thanks for the recommendation, Jaina.

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