Project 365 2015: The End

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Project 365

2015’s Project 365 is finished. I am 100% relieved. Two years in a row. It’s been tough. Before I begin lamenting over how the project’s gone, here’s a few highlights from December:

Project 365: December

Wandering around Muharraq Souq on a quiet Sunday morning is probably one of my favourite places for photo ops.

Project 365: December

The beginning of turning the balcony into a mini greenhouse. Home grow all the things! All the things that will grow in little pots that is.

Project 365: December

Being a goof at the office.

Project 365: December

They’re growing! They were growing. Let’s just say, it got complicated.

Project 365: December

For the first time in 3 years both of us got to have a family Christmas. So it had to be an epic one.

Project 365: December

Chasing the “cold” away with a roaring fire.

Project 365: December

Camping in Bahrain – definitely a highlight for December, if not the year. It was fun. Different. Same time next year…

Project 365: December

Away from the West End and the busier part of London at Christmas, strolling down Chiltern Street in Marylebone was bliss. Such a pretty street.

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December will be the month that’s going to be remembered as 2015’s fastest moving month. With a trip back to London for the holidays, each weekend preceding it was packed with friends, to-dos or something or another. Right up to the wire.

I slacked off in December. Big time. Fully admit to my interest in my own 365 waning during the final month. Especially when I was in London. Forgetting to take photos was the norm while I was too busy just doing stuff.

The question is, am I doing a 365 in 2016? I haven’t decided yet. Yes, 2016 is already well underway, but the beauty of a 365 is you can start one any time! I’m going to think a while on it. It’s been fun documenting (almost) every day of my life for the past 2 years. But also slightly boring.

Doing the 365 was meant to be my way of practicing more with my camera and learning more. But it’s slowly turned into “Shit! I haven’t taken a photo today. It’s nearly midnight and I’m heading to bed. Erm erm erm… TABLE LAMP!”. I lost the reason as to why I took up a 365 in the first place. To take the time, learn more about photography, and really be creative and find my style. That’s a tall order to ask of every single day. Saying that, I’m proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish for the last two years. Sticking with a 365 is a challenge. A worthwhile challenge.

I salute all of those who did a 365 last year and have been doing a continual 365 for many years (I know there are a few of you out there). I’m going to enjoy my 365 break, for now. Figure out if I’ll eventually do one again, or not. In the mean time I’m going to try some of the photo challenges on a few of the photography related subreddits – /r/photography and /r/photoclass_2016.


  1. moviesandsongs365

    well done on completing another 365 project! I don’t know if I would have the discipline to keep taking new pictures, but it’s clearly a passion of yours.

    • Lots of discipline but at the same time, knowing not to be too hard on yourself when you miss a day here or there. Tough, but worth it.

  2. I just started a 365 (a 366 actually, since it’s leap year) with a friend of mine on 1 Jan. We’re not implementing the rule that we have to take the photo on the actual day though — the photo can be old but we have to do a post every day on Instagram and it has to fit the theme #366DaysOfMakingSpace. Even with that “old picture” qualification, and even though it’s only Day 20, I’m already finding it difficult. So I salute you.

    So stoked I found your blog today, thanks to Lani. Also we have the same blog theme!

    • Good luck with your 366! Think that’s a great idea for a photo project. Stick with it. I think you’re hitting the early wall. Twenty days in and it’s not quite part of your routine, but soon it will be. You’ll be posting photos on auto pilot. It’s great that you’ve got a theme too – themes help keep you focussed, even if it feels a bit restrictive. It’s all about being creative, even when things feel a bit tough.

      Yes – really glad I found your blog too! Always love finding new to me bloggers out there, especially other expats. No matter where we’ve come from or where we live now, there’s always things we find the same!

      *high five* on the blog theme. FYI if you try to install a “Pin It” button plugin that goes over any images in your post, you might run into issues with images disappearing off the page.

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