Time out for a sunset

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Sunset in Bahrain

What is it about sunsets that make you stop whatever you’re doing just to admire them? It’s not as if they’re a rare occurrence. The sun sets every day. And they’ll never be a day when it doesn’t set.

So today, I was working away. It was nearing sunset. The entire day has been a cloudy and overcast. A little unusual for Bahrain at this time of year. Very unusual actually. While working, I like to take a break every couple of hours, just for a few minutes. Stretch my legs, get some water, and maybe get some fresh air on the balcony. Yeah, I really, really like working from home.

Sadly, the balcony faces away from the sunset. Not so sadly, the sunsets light up the entire sky in Bahrain. Especially when it’s kind of overcast and cloudy. The sky lights up with the most amazing colours just before it fades to darkness, that I can’t help but take photos of.

Since coming back from Vietnam I haven’t picked up my camera nearly as much as I want to. So here I am, picking up my camera whenever the skies light up for me.

Sunsets and skies are probably the most over-photographed subjects, but with sunsets like these, I’m quite happy to be guilty of taking one too many photos of them.


  1. I think the nice things about sunsets are each one is SO different. The colors can change from day to day, the intensity. I love your photos and thank you for sharing!

  2. You’re right, the sun does set every day but sometimes, it’s so pretty! I definitely didn’t notice them as a kid but now, all the time! Whatever gets your camera out, right?

    • Yes – it’s weird! As an adult the sunsets are one of the most amazing, thrilling things to see some days. I’ve craned my neck while sitting in the car, not driving, just wanting to catch more of the sunset.

  3. I also love working from home! I agree with the comment below as well – the sunset is always different. So even though it’s the same every day in terms of process, the actual event varies so much. I think that’s why we never get bored of it 🙂

  4. And I do not blame you as the photos are stunning. I cannot remember the last time I witnessed the sun setting but your post has got me thinking to make it a point to appreciate the day-to-day things around me like the setting and rising of the sun 🙂 Hope you are having a great day so far!

    • Remembering to appreciate the little things is a good way to help lift your day. Even if it’s catching the sunset, getting out of bed a little early or having some quiet time with the telly 😉

  5. Love the photos! And I love sunsets too. Actually I can never get enough of them. In the winter here, the sunsets (which are early) are SO gorgeous with blue, redish, pinkish, yellowish colors. Always amazes me.

    • Thank you Marie! Sunsets not during summer are the best, right? The in between seasons where there’s more change in the air gives a whole lot more magic to each sunset.

  6. I miss a good clear sky. Here in Cambodia everything is foggy, hazy and well, gross. Waiting, dreaming for the rainy season to clear things up! Because sunsets and sunrises are so beautiful!

  7. Beautiful photos I love it! I think taking time out for a beautiful sunset is essential to reflection and appreciation. When I’m at home all day, nothing feels better than walking outside to enjoy the crisp air, the orange skies and a good tune through your headphones. So peaceful.

    Your photos are lovely. Beautiful colors.

    • Yes – appreciating the little, every day things can make a so-so day into something more. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of self-reflection at the end of the day.

      Thank you for the kind comments, and stopping by 🙂

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