One month down—eleven more to go

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Project 365

The other day I said to Anish, “the photo-a-day 365 project’s going well so far. It’s not felt difficult and I haven’t missed a single day yet”. It’s only been a month.

But in the spirit of remembering to recognise and be proud of my own accomplishments I’m giving myself a high-five for getting through the first month, while remaining motivated to see this thing through.

Here’s a small snapshot of my January.

I’m keeping this album up-to-date with each photo from every day and posting daily on Instagram if you’d like to see my 365 project unfold daily plus bonus commentary!


  1. I am loving this on Instagram! Please definitely keep it going!

    I have to admit though, for me, it feels like a century has passed by, but that’s mainly due to the current political climate where I am. *sigh*

    • I keep telling myself to stay off reddit in the mornings, because every time I do, there’s something terrible that’s happened 🙁

      Thanks for all the support Marie—I’ll keep plugging away 🙂

  2. moviesandsongs365

    I like the variation of day and night pictures. Image 4 (in color at night) is my favorite, has a distinctive mood, and is like a moment out of Collateral or Nightcrawler. Image 5 is elegantly symmetrical.

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