Photograph of cacti covered in snow in the foreground with snow covered mountains in the background.

100% more snow

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To me. The snow and the cacti just didn’t make sense. It’s not something I think should make sense. Cacti are in the desert. There’s no snow in the desert, right?

Arizona proved me wrong. It had a lot more unexpected snow that I was bargaining on a road trip through the mountains in a lovely Mazda MX-5. You know what’s not built for switch back roads up a mountain in the snow? A lovely Mazda MX-5.

It was meant to be a fun road trip, driving along one of the best driving roads in the US. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see all of it thanks to the snow. Probably less than a third of it.

The only thing to do? Try again when the weather should be better. I’ll go back to this spot and get an image with 100% less snow.

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