My claim to fame

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Do you remember Google+? I can hear some laughs and snorts just writing that question. I was one of those poor saps who actually devoted their time to building out their presence on that platform. For real.

90% of what I shared there was my photography. And then one day, with my TV on Chromecast screensaver mode I see it. My photo (this one) on my TV.

(This is Riffa Fort in Bahrain. Taken in Feb, 2016. Riffa Fort is a 19th century fort built in 1812 and restored in 1993. One lovely place to have a delicious Bahraini breakfast at.)

I did a double take. Did I add this? Was this my doing? No no. It wasn’t. One of my shared photos got selected. Say whaaat!?

It was nice whilst it lasted. I’d never be able to “get” a photo to be selected again. And then Google+ died.

BTW you can buy this photo as a print right here.

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