Photo of an alley in a market in Bahrain with a silhoutted woman.

Alleys to get lost down

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Another one from Manama souq in Bahrain. Probably one of the last photos I took of the souq before moving to the US. And probably one of my most visited parts of souq. For those last couple of weeks in Bahrain at least.

You see, there was a very specific shop. All that was sold there was suitcases. All shapes, sizes, and colours. And loads of them.

When we moved to the US, we didn’t ship anything. We brought all of our belongings over in suitcases. We just didn’t realise how many suitcases we’d need. Turns out, a lot of them.

There are a lot of memories wrapped up in this image. Of the hunt for suitcases and of the souq itself. Good times.

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