Photograph of an empty narrow pedestrian lane at night.

In between places

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I’ve been on a bit of a tear with my Lightroom catalog. Tagging, scoring, rating, and categorising my entire catalog of around 8,000 photos because I haven’t been able to go out to take many new photos.

In doing so, I’ve come across certain themes appearing in the photos I’ve taken over the years. This one is in a series I call “Empty Places“.

Taken in 2016, in Bahrain in the Manama souq. That souq is rarely so empty of activity. Even at night. Even in those narrow alleys that connect the more major streets. There are usually always people about. On this night, I remember turning and looking behind me to see no one. I might have had partial horror movie moment.

This one also feels a bit like a liminal space, too—a new-to-me subreddit that has some mesmerising images. I think I have a few more liminal-feeling images I should dig out and share.

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