Photograph of an empty courtyard in Bahrain with an abandoned shopping cart in the foreground.

Looking like an unfinished scene

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In the final few weeks of living in Bahrain, I finally checked out the Pearling Path in Muharraq. It’s a historical trail in Muharraq that takes visitors on a journey from the seashore to heart of Muharraq—the journey that pearls used to go on when they were a much bigger part of Bahrain’s economy.

On the trail there are several historical houses, all free to visit, that would have been part of the pearling economy.

Though, parts of the were still, what would you say… unfinished.

Maybe I took a wrong turn. Or maybe this part was truly unfinished. Or maybe they were prepping the scene for a zombie apocalypse film. I want to believe the latter.

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