Photograph of a sunset sky coloured orange and purple and filled with rippling clouds.

The sunsets are fire

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The sunsets in Bahrain always used to stop me in my tracks. I’d always tell friends and family, you’ve never seen sunsets like this before. I’m singing the same tune now, but swap out “Bahrain” for “Phoenix.”

One late afternoon, I headed up South Mountain to see and capture one of these stunning sunsets. But as dusk approached, the clouds moved in. Thick clouds. The kind of clouds that envelope the entire sky and show no sign of leaving.

So I headed back down the mountain. Big mistake.

Just as I exited the park, the sky lit up. Turns out, the clouds actually added to the beauty of the sunset that evening. So quickly pulled over on a residential street to try to make the most of it.

Consider this a lesson learned. Be more patient. Clouds aren’t the end of all things.

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