Photograph of the city of Phoenix with mountains in the background.

I found a new perspective

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Our usual parking spot wasn’t available in our building’s car park. So, higher and higher we went until we hit the top floor of the car park where there were plenty of spaces.

Hang on a second—I thought. I can see the whole freaking city from up here. But it was night time and I was tired. I promised myself to head back up there in daylight hours when I was less tired.

Weeks later, I do just that.

Well, shit. This is a pretty amazing view.

I was up there for maybe an hour. Watching the morning routine go on down below. People going to work. Kids going to school. And me just up there, enjoying the start of my day off, watching the world unfold.

Sad to say, I wasn’t the first who had the same idea…

File under: Things left behind.

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