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Photograph of a person's silhoutte as they take a photo in front of a yellow door surrounded by red bricks.


My two front doors. It’s exciting to now go to my house and seeing some progress. Things have been at a standstill for a few weeks. But now, work has started again. And I’ve got my documentation project going again. The challenge I’m finding with […]

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The afternoon light that makes this space sing, even when it’s missing the ceiling and half the floor. Or maybe that’s what makes the place sing? Hopefully it is just the magical afternoon light because the floor is going to get re-added eventually. It’s a […]

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Buried Treasure

I promise not every image posted here from now on will be on the topic of the house renovation. But this one is. The floors are coming off and our first thought was, what will we find under the house? Turns out, not a whole […]

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Photograph of a dark room in a house with a white door on the left and a dark figure in a doorway to the right

It’s happening

You know the GIF. The “It’s happening!” GIF. That’s been me, on the inside, for the past week. Because we’ve now officially started renovating our house. We closed on the house in October last year. It’s a beautiful home, originally built in 1927 and really […]

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