Photograph of a dark room in a house with a white door on the left and a dark figure in a doorway to the right

It’s happening

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You know the GIF. The “It’s happening!” GIF. That’s been me, on the inside, for the past week. Because we’ve now officially started renovating our house.

We closed on the house in October last year. It’s a beautiful home, originally built in 1927 and really taken care of. But, we’re turning the house into our home.

I’ve been taking photos and documenting the current state pre-reno. This photo was taken towards the end of last year during one of our weekly must-go-to-the-house-and-check-for-mail-and-make-sure-it’s-still-standing visits.

It’s still early stages. But it’s hard not to get excited. I may have even started an Instagram account to document it.

The living room doesn’t look like this photo any more and that’s quite exciting.

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