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Hazy, winter sunset

Sunset Watching from Bahrain Fort

During winter Bahrain comes alive. People are outside making the most of the cool weather, especially in places like Bahrain Fort. Which is one of my favourite sunset watching spots. Bahrain Fort is probably one of the most famous tourist sites in Bahrain. It’s a […]

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Bahrain Fort

Out in Bahrain: Bahrain Fort

A little while ago I posted one photo from my most recent outing to the Bahrain Fort, when the parental units were over visiting. I did in fact take a few more photos, but only just now getting round to posting them. As I’ve said […]

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Photo: A visit from the ‘rentals

Back in November last year, mum and dad came to visit Bahrain. Their first time here. While trying to figure out where to take them in their short, short stay, one place I figured they would like was the Bahrain Fort. It’s one of the […]

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Project 365: 2014 – November

Project 365: 2014 – November

It’s been a quiet November here at the blog and for me personally. A combination of nothing at all happening and then everything happening at once. For the first couple of weeks I was waiting for the man to come back from his work trip […]

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Hello (and see you soon) Bahrain!

Hello (and see you soon) Bahrain!

And I’m back. Well, I’ve been back in the country of tea and biscuits for nearly a week, but getting thrust back into work and having a slew of TV shows to catch-up are just the perfect excuses I’m using for not having blogged until […]

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