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The Last Week: Two

The last week I found myself looking for moments more often than I usually have. I felt motivated to find moments. With less pressure to have to take a photo a day, I’m actually taking more photos. And I know that not every single one […]

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The Last Week: One

Every week, I’ll share a snapshot into my last week through imagery. While I’ve tried (and completed) 365 projects and weekly photography challenges in the past, I’d like to start documenting my life as a way to explore my photography style and develop as a […]

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Black and white photograph of the close up of the trunk of Bahrain's famous Tree of Life

The infamous, Tree of Life

There’s a tree in the middle of the desert in Bahrain. It’s called the Tree of Life. It’s believed to be over 400 years old and no one seems to know how the tree is alive considering it’s in the middle of the desert and […]

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Black and white photos of dappled light across two indoor doors.

My favourite light

Ending out the week of black and white with a favourite of mine. And unlike all of the others—a phone photo. I don’t get a tonne of natural light in my apartment. But first thing in the morning, the light reflects off of our neighbours […]

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Black and white photograph of an open courtyard looking up inside the Alcazar of Seville.

Symmetrical in Seville

This is the stunning Royal Alcázar of Seville. Just one very small part of it. The Moorish architecture was so beautiful, I may have spent the entire time I visited, just looking up. With it being winter day, it was an overcast day. No blue […]

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Black and white photograph of a rural country road surrounded by trees.

Into the woods we go

In this week of black and white themed photos, I’ve bounced around a little bit from lots of texture, not so much texture, big natural landscape. And now I’m sharing an image that is in contrast to… well high contrast black and whites—low contrast black […]

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Black and white photograph of Alcatraz from a boat.

Alcatraz, just visiting

It was such a lovely, bright sunny day when I visited Alcatraz. It betrayed how I felt visiting this a place with a dark history. History that I was very much clueless about. I took this photo as the boat was pulling away from the […]

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Black and white photograph of the top of a rocky outcrop of a mountain.

That high-top

Landscape in black and white? Sure, why not. Going back to something I mentioned earlier this week—I dig highly textured black and white imagery. And in this image that’s contrasted with the smoothness and significant less contrast-y sky. Why did I choose a black and […]

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Black and white photograph of the close up of tree blossom.

Monochrome beauty

This was planned. Planned in that I stepped out of the backdoor and flipped my camera to black and white with the intention of shooting in black and white. And I think that’s why it works so well. Shooting in black and white, you can […]

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