Black and white photograph of the close up of the trunk of Bahrain's famous Tree of Life

The infamous, Tree of Life

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There’s a tree in the middle of the desert in Bahrain. It’s called the Tree of Life. It’s believed to be over 400 years old and no one seems to know how the tree is alive considering it’s in the middle of the desert and gets little to no water.

It lives in infamy among folks in Bahrain. Driving to the tree is a joy. Expect to get stuck in the sand at some point. And avoid going after dark because there are literally no lights around. And when you’re there… it’s kinda cool, I guess? But it’s literally just a tree in the desert.

If you’re there just before the sunsets, at golden hour in winter, that’s when the light is magic. The patterns and shadows that form in and around the tree—I could have stayed there for hours right into the night taking photos.

But I may have had trouble getting back to the main road in the dark.

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