Me vs. The Scott Pilgrim Catch-up

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Scott Pilgrim vs. The WorldI’m very late to the party but I think I’m well on the way to being fully integrated into the party before Scott Pilgrim vs. The World gets released here.

The comics got thrown at me by a SP obessessive and I am really very grateful! I’m trying to get through 1-5 (As #6 was mysteriously not given to me!) this week, reading each one during my lunch break. My mum’s always telling me to take a break from the computer at lunch. This is helping! Though I’m getting used to reading during my lunch break, I might need a Scott Pilgrim replacement for when I finish all of them.

It’s strange reading the comic now, having seen the various trailers. Lots of little bits of dialogue that are in the comics that are in the trailer make me smile! Interested to see how it’s transferred to the big screen and moving images. For now I just need to finish the last 3 before the movie comes out. Shouldn’t be too hard, I finished #3 today and planning on going straight on to #4 this evening!

Though I have a feeling, with the rate I’m reading the books, I might turn a little obsessive by the time the movie hits UK shores.

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