Combining Cultures

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Going Out

Yesterday I combined the high brow with the distinctly low brow. The high brow was going to the theatre to see The Prisoner of Second Avenue starring Jeff Goldblum at the Vaudeville Theatre. The low brow was following said theatre visit with a viewing of Piranha 3D.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue was so very, very funny. I can’t imagine anyone else in Jeff Goldblum’s role. He wsa all over the stage, in a good way. Some good comedy moments, very funny lines with funnier deliveries of said lines. Good supporting cast with some memorable characters. Very glad I went to see this ‘proper’ play.

Piranha 3D has a lot in common with The Prisoner of Second Avenue. It too had funny lines and a lot of funny moments. Overall it was just hysterically funny, in the stupidest of ways. No where near as intelligent as the theatre trip, but who needs intelligence when you have vicious piranhas onscreen? The gore was brilliant and there were some very unique death sequences.

Theatre and Piranhas = a very well entertained day!

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