Me vs. The Scott Pilgrim Catch-up = DONE!

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I am done! Done with Scott Pilgrim! Erm, not in the bad way, but just in the way that I’ve finished the books. As of yesterday at around 1:35pm. Well ahead of schedule. The schedule being me finishing before tomorrow evening when I will be seeing the film.

I think I need to read them all again (Which will entail me buying the books as I was lent/forced to read/borrowed them.) to just get everything to soak in a bit better. But after a one time read through I really, really enjoyed them. I think you could tell I was getting more into it; as I finished each novel I think I subconsciously found Scott Pilgrim trailers and found something new in it to see. Which in turn made me a tad more excited about the film.

So next step – buy the books for myself, watch the film and re-read the books. Maybe not in that order. Well, I’ll have to buy the books before I re-read them, so in that vague order.

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