Getting old – what’s wrong with actual paint?

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I used to have a Nintendo DS. It got a lot of use out of it. Mario Kart, Brain Training, Grand Theft Auto. All a lot of fun. But one of the latest games that’s been released for it – Art Academy, has me mildly enraged.

What’s wrong with drawing with an actual pencil on paper? Or painting with real paint? It’s what I did when I was a kid! I got out my felt tip pens, paints, paint brushes, whatever, and I drew like a maniac.

Clearly, I’m just getting old.


  1. Then clearly I am too, cos that’s one of the best things about being a kid! Drawing with pen, paper, crayons etc. Sadly with the world becoming more computerised now I think future generations will look back and say that using a pen and paper was so old school.

    • I saw a 4 year old girl “painting” on an iPad the other day while her mum sat next to her reading a magazine. Sad times!

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