Good news everyone – They fit!

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A few days ago I wrote about searching for the perfect pair of jeans. I have a hard, hard life.

Well, good news everyone! I found a couple of places that had trousers that didn’t sweep the floor when I tried them on. Okay. They’re not the ‘coolest’ of places and not the names I usually like wearing. But it’s got to the point where I ask myself, “Do they fit and do they suit me?”. That’s not asking for much.

So, if you struggle like me I recommend Monsoon and Next for short lengths of trousers. These two were the only places that had that almost perfect length of trousers for us short girls. I didn’t struggle getting the trousers past my knees. They know that petite does not equal, stick skinny!

I feel like a bit of a middle-aged woman shopping in both of those shops. It’s just not where the ‘kids’ go! But, if they fit, what more could I ask for?

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