My own personal Danbo

I’ve set myself up my own reminder in my Google calendar but I think I’ll need another actual reminder.

Come November I need to be reminded to place an order for a Danbo Figure! I’ve found a place who will have them in stock in November and after just one evening of lusting after one, I think I’m lucky that I’ve found somewhere that will have them fairly soon. Also thanks to Jina for saying it was ok to want one.

Now I just have to wait for November.

8 thoughts on “My own personal Danbo”

  1. Do you know just how happy am I that you’re getting one? Honestly, they’re actually cuter in person, trust me 😀

    I fully expect Danbo picspam in November :)

      1. That’ll teach me to assume that a link is just to show people what is meant, rather than one to the actual vendor. (I’m afraid other people on the Internet have made me rather cynical.)

        Thanks for the link. Date is marked on my calendar. And w00t for UK based shipping – I hate customs charges, more for the liberties the Royal Mail take with their ‘admin’ fees.

        1. See, I was being a little sneaky and selfish. I was hoping people wouldn’t really suss out that you’d be able to buy from the link because I don’t want them to sell out!

          I think once I paid double the price of an item in customs and admin charges. Meh.

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