Spam, you do amuse me!

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The amount of spam comments I’m getting on this blog has been gradually on the rise in the last month. Akismet’s doing a great job of keeping it all in check. I have come across some actually quite amusing ones of late. Aside from some bad spelling, here they are:

  1. On The Bane of My Life:

    Shiver me timbres, them’s some great information.

  2. On The Bane of My Life:

    This info is the cat’s pajaams!

  3. On My own personal Danbo:

    Full of salient points. Don’t stop belveiing or writing!

  4. On My own personal Danbo:

    What’s it take to become a sublime expounder of prose like yourlsef?

  5. On The ugly duckling:

    If you wrote an artlice about life we’d all reach enlightenment.

Had I not had Akismet installed I probably wouldn’t be writing this, but something a bit more heated. But thankfully I do, so all that’s left for me to do is laugh at the spam I do get.

5 thoughts on “Spam, you do amuse me!

  1. I’ve been getting a lot of spam on my sites too, but not nearly as entertaining as these! The last one is GENIUS. Who knew a photo of a duck could have such life changing consequences?

  2. (Ok, first off, I’m sorry I havent gotten around to checking out your blog til now, its not courteous as a blogger. 🙁 But I think you wound up coming by right around the time of the “Big Lebowski” fest and things have been a bit hectic since then!)

    That is so funny you mention this. Honestly? I think some of mine are SO funny that I want to approve them and post them. And then joke around and reply to them seriously!

    What I worry about though is that they’ll be free to post after that. I have comment moderation set to “approve once”

    I really do want to approve some of the “Sex Dating” ones though. Just so I can say, Fogs’ movie reviews! Brought to you by “Sex Dating!” LOL

    I have to head off to work, I’ll circle back through your movie posts later!!

    Nice look, btw. Very nice.

    1. No need to apologies – being a blogger can be a busy business! Try saying that 10 times fast…

      Spam these days is a WHOLE lot more amusing than it used to be. I’m always half tempted to approve them too, but i’d run into the same problem as you. So refrain and keep the funnies to myself. Or share them like i did here!

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