More commuter woes – nonsensical driving

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Oh look, it’s another thrilling blog entry from me about the excitement of commuting! I really need to think of other things to write about.

I have written before about how much fun it was being stuck in a horrendous amount of traffic on my way home from work. I have a new rant today!

Today’s rant is about people’s lack of driving etiquette. Or more precisely – their inability to drive correctly! People who can’t remember the basic rules of the road that they learnt when they started driving.

Remember people, you only go in the middle lane or inside lane when you want to overtake. You do not sit in either of these two lanes just for the hell of it. Move over!

So far, English drivers are by the worst culprits of doing this. I’ve driven in Portugal and Spain, and whilst the drivers are lunatics, they actually move over into the right lanes. They only move to the middle and inner lanes when overtaking. That’s it. Why can’t drivers over here remember this one little rule! It’d make my drive home a lot easier.

I will admit that, yes, occasionally I’ve found myself in a bit of a daydream and have sat in the middle or inside lane without actually needing to be there. But as soon as a realise, I move over.

This won’t be my last commuter based driving rant. Maybe I should just create a new blog full of these boring rants…


  1. I’m not part of the driving world (yet… ) but i’ve always said that someone could be the best driver in the world and it wouldn’t matter because you cannot control the stupidity of others.

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