A very grown up chocolate cake

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I love Smitten Kitchen. The recipes are all so simple and the photography of the food just tempts you into giving the recipes a try for yourself.

The temptation was a little too much when I saw a recipe for her red wine chocolate cake. I caved and decided to give it a go on the weekend. It’s one of the best cakes I have ever made.

The recipe is easy. Here’s what I used:

So it begins

I didn’t have Dutch cocoa powder and my large eggs were distinctly on the small side of things. But I went with it.

The baking took slightly longer for me. I had it on 180 degrees Celsius. That was my mum’s rough calculation of 325 degrees Fahrenheit (Take away 30 and divide by 2). After half an hour the toothpick I poked into the cake still came out with the cake mixture on it. Not clean at all. Another 5 minutes though and it was done.

The way it crumbles Chocolatey Goodness

My cake doesn’t look nearly as professionally done as the one on Smitten Kitchen’s site. But it was my first attempt and I need to get used to the recipe. I might tweak it in the future. Maybe put slightly less red wine in. Considering adding some orange juice. With the cinnamon and red wine it definitely felt like a bit of a Christmas-y cake. I can imagine eating that with a glass of mulled wine. Mmmmm.


  1. That looks so yummy!

    BTW, I saw you’re reading A Storm of Swords! I’ve just finished it, now I’m on A Feast for Crows. Gosh, that series really got me hooked up!

    • Tell me about it! I have never been so hooked into a series of books as I am with this one. I get the shakes if I don’t read a little bit every day.

  2. That looks absolutely heavenly! Exactly how much is left, and what do I have to do to get me a slice?

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