30 Day Black & White Challenge: Week 1

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A couple of weeks back I mentioned that I was going to attempt to kickstart my daily photo antics with a 30 day challenge. I’m thankful to say that the first week went off pretty smoothly. I’ve not missed a day. I’ve not really struggled.

Here’s what I made of the week:

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Here’s hoping I keep up this level of enthusiasm for it.


  1. Glad to see the challenge is going well! The black & white theme is a strong one, I love the results you’re getting. ‘Gone Fishing’ is a particular favourite of mine, as well as any shot that features the adorableness that is Cody 🙂

    That cobweb shot is AMAZING.

    • Unfortunately, with the family gone, there won’t be anymore Cody! Makes me sad 🙁 Also makes it harder to try and think of other things to take photos of!

      Also, thank you! Words of encouragement are muchly appreciated.

  2. The detail and clarity in the web is stunning! Was that taken in am with the dew? And the last one taken in mirror has wonderful perspective. I almost see a story about time travel or reminiscing in it. Did you take these in black and white or make the conversion later?

  3. Yep, the web was taken in the morning. My first foray into sunrise photography. It was EARLY! Well worth it.

    I did all of the black and white in post process. I did a couple of test shots using my camera’s B&W and just wasn’t too happy with them.

    Also, like having the originals in colour, just in case I want to use them elsewhere in full colour.

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